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Vision and Values Coaching

Vision and Values Coaching

A coaching program made for the fixed operations specialist.

Come and learn how to make your dealership the place employees want to be and clients want to take their vehicles! Through over 3 decades I have put together the preeminent program to ensure success.

Learn how to create and lead high performing teams that crush CSI, gross profit and all growth KPI's! Created by Dave Foy, an industry thought leader and progressive dealership growth mastermind. With over 30 years of dealership experience from technician to fixed operations director for multi-store groups, you are getting a program created in the real world with dealership proven strategies.

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Fixed Ops Mastermind

Bringing knowledge, confidence and ability to those that need it in the automotive world.


Join professionals in fixed ops from all over the country and soak up the priceless industry knowledge. Get advice from industry peers that’ll help you in the growth of your career in fixed ops. Get new ideas to increase revenue, efficiency, employee moral and more.


Learn how to structure your mindset in positive and productive ways in order to achieve your goals, accomplish your needs, and gain the respect that you need from others.


Meet mentors with decades of experience and get a sense of true mentorship. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Speak to others who have been where you are, have walked in your shoes, and know how to get to the best outcome.

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Fixed Ops Mastermind Application

The Fixed Ops Mastermind is an exclusive free community of leaders in the automotive industry. We carefully select each member on the basis of several factors. There is a waiting list to become a member and that is the reason we must choose carefully. Those who do get accepted are met by forward thinking, like minded, revolutionary leaders that work hard to change the automotive industry for the better of others.

Please answer each question fully and honestly.

A Leader in Fixed Operations

A Leader in Fixed Operations

My name is Dave Foy I started in fixed operations in 1987 as a technician. For over 30 years I have been a student of the business. 

I started the Fixed Ops Mastermind Leaders group to provide a place for other professionals to come together and expand their knowledge, share ideas, network and improve the industry.

I take struggling dealerships and turn them into the place to work for employees and the only place a client wants to bring their vehicle. 

I have turned my model into the Vision and Values Coaching program. Through a specific process I teach others how to accelerate their careers, improve their lives and finances. 

I look forward to seeing you inside the Fixed Ops mastermind! 

Our goal with Fixed Ops Mastermind is to leave the industry better than we found it!

Here is a short clip from one of our sessions in march of 2020 as we stayed ahead of the industry! 

The Fixed Ops Mastermind Podcast

This podcast will deliver value that can help you reach higher levels, faster in the fixed operations world. With featured experts from all types of businesses you will gain knowledge you can immediately use to accelerate your career.

The Fixed Ops Mastermind Podcast

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