The science of skill measurement is not new.

One of our board members, Nancy Martini, pioneered work in this field beginning in 1998 and again in her 2012 book called Scientific Selling. By using the data from a skills snapshot, we are able to avoid “assumptions” about learners. Instead we use their real needs to allow them to tailor their own learning both during class and while using the Quantum⁵ app, to sustain their skills and develop proficiencies that impact their work.

Scenario based reasoning

Scenario-based reasoning

By creating a unique set of scenario-based questions that reflect the automotive market, the Quantum⁵ Skills Snapshot (QSS) is able to discern where a person/team is currently in the 5 core selling skills necessary to achieve high levels of sales success. The skills are needed whether you are out on a service drive, responding to an email request about a vehicle or taking an inbound inquiry in either department. Once we know the scores of a person/team, we know how to structure the learning. Instructors are equipped with the scores of each person and are able to debrief the person/team on their scores to create motivation to learn. With this, each of the 5 modules can be tailored to the specific workshop needs.

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The auto industry has seen for the last 20 years the evidence that says implementing new technology alone is not the answer. If you look at how the US Airforce keeps the incredible technology of the F35 fighter jet in the air, as an example, you can see how the combination of the right person for the job, teaching them the right skills and supporting them with the right culture, creates a winning strategy.

More about the Fighter Jet Analogy Here

The right people…

Like Jim Collin's told us all in "Good to Great," companies need the right person in the right seat. The formula for flying a fighter jet and growing success in today's automotive environment require nothing less - the right person that fits the position is the foundation. Quantum⁵ helps dealerships through a series of assessments to determine if the team is the right fit. Quantum⁵ partners with the global standard for Talent Optimization to ensure dealerships have access to accurate, actionable data to put the right person in the right seat so that skill development and amazing customer experiences are possible.

The right culture…

Quantum⁵ requires all managers to attend the training. The days of not being able to know and demonstrate the skills your team needs is long past. In addition, Managers are trained in a separate workshop about the critical leadership skills for coaching performance. Knowing the skills combined with knowing how to coach humans for growth, increases the success in our clients. 

With the right skills…

There is significant research in the sales arena that may put different words/labels on things but always comes back to the idea that salespeople, regardless of their industry or location, must master certain skills or their results will suffer.


Quantum⁵ has taken that and aligned those five things for automotive:
  1. The ability to build trust relationships by understanding the social/buying styles of a prospect

  2. The ability to discover the needs of a person and show genuine concern for meeting those needs

  3. The ability to connect the value in a product or solution to the needs/motivations that a customer really cares about

  4. The ability to transition from “whether” a customer buys to “how” a customer buys and process any concerns

  5. The ability to create lifetime value with a prospect. When both salespeople and service advisors can apply these to their dealership processes – results change. 


Who should attend – well if you are in the BDC, the Internet Department, the Sales Department, the Service Drive or even wholesale parts – then attending one of our sales skills workshops is going to help.