There is a scourge in the auto industry – in our opinion.

Some want technology to replace the role of a salesperson and/or an advisor…

Some want to hire fewer people, pay them less and let technology move into more of the customer relationship. Our co-founder and CEO grew up with a Dad who was a dealer. A Dad that despite the odds a made it through WWII without finishing high school, grew his skills and became a dealer. Dave continued his father’s legacy by going into the business while in college and now has a son in the car business. He has watched people just like his Dad – work their way up from washing cars to selling cars to being a GM of a dealership. He along with the Quantum⁵ team, believe that it doesn’t have to end.

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Quantum⁵ believes that this industry is still the best place to change the lives of salespeople and service advisors everywhere – unless we refuse to invest in skilling up our teams and let the technology overrun our people.

2020 brought about significant changes in the way we interact with others.

From virtual meetings to virtual test drives, we’ve seen a major shift in how we serve our people. The sales process became more about customer convenience, offering us an opportunity to experience products in new ways and connect deeper with our own needs as people.

Quantum⁵ curriculum creator and co-founder David O’Brien, saw this trying time as an opportunity to transform the automotive sales experience into a sustainable relationship building process that people actually enjoy. Motivated by his father’s legacy and his strong family ties to the business, Dave wanted to use his skills to give back to the industry that gave him so much over the years. With razor sharp focus on social advocacy and armed with years of experience in both automotive sales and behavioral psychology techniques, Dave and his team of industry professionals partnered with Ken Herfurth to produce an AI-based social advocacy delivery platform to provide these newly adapted sales training journeys.

Quantum⁵ creates human-centric sales experiences that focus on sustainable lifetime customer value versus the transactional processes of the past. Through social learning, Quantum⁵ transforms dealership sales and service teams into thriving communities that inspire and motivate both individuals and teams to improve overall team performance through our innovative skills-based scenario training. 

At Quantum⁵, we are digitally transforming how we learn. We want our clients, teams, and quite simply, people, to effortlessly understand what it means to connect with others by providing value first. By training sales and services teams how to build lasting relationships with their customers, we can change how people view the sales experience. We are founded on integrity and believe wholeheartedly that being open, honest and transparent is the only way we improve as individuals and support the greater good of our teams and the people we serve. We strongly feel that in sharing our experience and knowledge with others, we can truly transform what it means to create a human-centric buying experience that continues to strengthen the bonds of our community. Through our efforts, we hope to provide stability, comfort and support for generations to come.

What truly makes Quantum⁵ unique is our ability to have fun in the process. While we may be changing the buying experience, we never forget that we are all humans who simply want to love what we do and have fun doing it.  To us, that’s what matters most. 

Quantum⁵, digitally transforming the way we learn, work and live.

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