The True Meaning of an All Team

We’re empowered to deliver our meaningful team mission in an actionable and inspirational way that drives positive change for our customers.



On May 15th, the Quantum5 team descended into Phoenix, Arizona with excitement and anticipation for a full week of collaboration and learning with and from each other. It was the first time since November 2021; we had our entire team all in one place to meet, dine, and bond the only way we know how - through valued connection. While we may have had many more faces at this year's event, our focus was to incorporate the same intimate feeling of belonging and shared experience; because to us, an all-team event is about the meaning of team in every way. We started the week with deep thinking workshop-style sessions where we discussed our “just cause.” What we learned is that through our just cause, we’re empowered to deliver our meaningful team mission in an actionable and inspirational way that drives positive change for our customers. Because we all fight for the same cause, we believe in our impact and how we can collectively move the individual, team, and work culture towards something better.  

The beauty in sharing and rallying around this ‘just cause’ was in the shared experience we felt as a team through each breakout session and presentation topic that followed. We became the change we want to create. We expressed our frustrations with, and solutions for, making the automotive industry a better place. We know the change starts within leadership at an individual level and so we led by example. We spent hours collecting feedback from our team, sharing openly about the struggles and changes we’ve personally experienced, and simply showing up in a vulnerable way so that we could fully embrace the true meaning of an all-team. There were several times we looked around the room and were left speechless knowing that each of these people chose us, chose to make a difference through us, and build a lasting solution for an industry they loved. 

The first day ended with, you guessed it, games. We gathered around for dinner and games on the terrace at sunset. We couldn’t have asked for a better close to a highly productive and rewarding day with the team. Having started with a small, Arizona-based group to now having team members come in from places like New York, Florida, Kentucky, Texas, Michigan and as far as Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, we savored the moment in simply having everyone in the same place, laughing and bonding with each other.  

Our team marches to a different drum. We proudly embrace our unique mix of experience, input, and style of work. From automotive, to gaming, to film and entertainment, we partner with each other through our cause. Our all-teams mean everything to us. They are a testament to our growth, our understanding, and perspective on the automotive industry as we believe it can be, and our collective impact on the change we know we can inspire.  

At the end of the day, we are here to train automotive teams to understand their customers' buying behaviors, build and retain stronger team dynamics within dealerships, and ultimately sell and service more cars, but it’s why we do it that matters most to us. Our team is resilient, dedicated, relentless, and driven to make a difference. We stand with our customers because we stand for each other. Our all-teams are so much more than just a delivery of the current and future state of things, so much bigger than just the forecasting of our growth and championing our successes, they are about cultural transformation, accountability, and connection to what we believe and we can become, together. The true meaning of an all-team for Quantum5 comes down to what we offer customers, radical impact, our community, and our loyalty to each other. 

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