CallQ Phone Skills Training

Modern Phone Skills Training

Is setting the appointment still the ultimate measure of success for incoming calls in your dealership? Our team of CallQ coaches will help your team redefine success to optimize your sales and gross profit.


Ditch the scripts and empower your team to have a genuine conversation.

Change the Conversation

Prioritize establishing a human connection during calls.

Personal Coaching

One-on-one role play to improve skills.

Sustainable Learning

Virtual coaching sessions held 3x per week.


Regular reporting on team progress with real-time alerts.

“InteractiveTel has their finger on the pulse of customer communication and their commitment to enhancing the customer experience falls neatly in line with Quantum5‘s mission to ditch the scripts and bring the human side back to vehicle sales and service.”

"This is one of the most effective and cost efficient tools utilized within our dealerships. They have figured out how to minimize the time you would spend making sure your calls are answered properly, are monitored, and held accountable. Proper measurement allows us to track progress."

“By combining Quantum⁵’s top notch training programs, alongside the rich stream of customer experience data coming through our TotalCX platform, our customers will now have unparalleled access to learning opportunities that are happening in real-time at the dealership."