Employees are the heartbeat of your dealership.

At ESi-Q, we create surveys with a clear goal in mind, specific to your dealership and needs. Our surveys are simple to implement in your store with an automated process and results are delivered within a few business days. As a company, we work to develop a customer-focused culture that is dedicated to exceptional service quality to help your dealership reach its goals.


NPS Pulse Surveys

Our Pulse Survey measures the current state of employee engagement and loyalty in your dealership compared to the industry’s best benchmarks.

In just 15 questions that are designed specifically for dealership(s), you can self-administer the survey using smart phones, tablets, and PCs.

Online results will be available in a few short business days, along with guides and “Thought Starters” for action planning, all for affordable prices.

Leadership Assessment Surveys

Help managers reach their highest potential so they can LEAD high performing teams.

Our Leadership Assessment Surveys consist of behavioral assessments, team development, professional development planning, and succession planning to identify future leaders within your organization.

Readiness Surveys

The ESi-Q Digital Readiness Assessment (DRA) Survey has two primary objectives:

1. Identify issues and barriers to successfully implementing an omnichannel digital retailing strategy.

2. Help dealers identify root causes of employee turnover and develop action plans to improve employee engagement and retention.

We have surveys for every purpose. Below is a list of surveys we offer:

  • Pulse Surveys

  • Employee Opinion Surveys

  • Digital Transformation

  • Culture Assessment

  • Leadership Development

  • Retention Solutions

  • 7 Drivers of Retention


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