We Start with Data

Role specific, validated skills assessment – know where they are starting from 

  • Full behavioral assessment – know how they match the position demands 

  • Employee culture assessment – ESI drives CSI – where are you at 

  • Dealership process assessment – your beliefs, practices and market  

  • Debrief with leaders and customized training approach implemented 


Play your way through frictionless customer experiences.


Powerful Learning Implementation

We use our customized LMS to start the learning – engaging the team early 

  • We come to the dealership for in person learning – interactive inductive methodology 

  • We bring a combined 90 years of experience building adult learning that connects, involves and creates change and keeps your employees coming back for more. 

  • We bring live learning labs to the dealership – every instructor works on the job with your team after classroom learning 

Powerful Learning Implementation

Meet Our CM Team

Quantum⁵ blends the first of a kind approach to training sustainment. Your team member is surrounded by three success ingredients:


Brendan O’Brien
Community Architect


Veronica Carr
Community Manager


Sean O’Brien
Community Manager


David Miller
Community Architect

Your team member
Community Manager

The Community Managers keep in constant touch to build a relationship with your team to be their virtual partner and provide expert advice. The CMs integrate key learning elements that drive business outcomes.

Community Architect
The Q5 App

Key benefits of using Quantum⁵

  • Broader omni-channel skills adoption and sustainment 

  • Higher win rates and happier customers 

  • Shorter time-to-productivity for onboarding 

  • Reduced training costs 

  • More engaged employees and lower turnover 

  • Real results and higher productivity (or measured ROI?) 

  • Align everyone around your mission and vision 


What goes on in the Q5 App you ask?

  • Role-specific learning content broken down into snackable bites

  • Customized learning journeys for the roles that make a big impact in a short amount of time

  • Superior learning experiences that deliver the right content to the right team members

  • World-class art team with DreamWorks experience creating animation, scripts, and sounds to keep learning fun

  • Data about your dealership is applied to quickly achieve real-world results 

  • AI utilization to look at results and customize content that helps each learner

  • AI personalized to each learning style: does your learner like more video? More multiple choice? More audio? More exercises?

  • Up-to-date news feed with everything from humor to dealership created content

  • Live chat: Did you receive a frustrating email response? Chat with a Community Manager who has been where you are

  • Q5 game with points and rewards: Gift cards, tangible choices, and recognition

  • Equip your team with the skills, tools, and best practices to be more effective and reach their full potential

Forward-thinking dealers choose the Quantum⁵
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