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Employee Experience Drives Customer Retention

If your store looks like the industry average and you're feeling the pain of high turnover percentages, getting a pulse of the current state of your employees' satisfaction is the first step to improving the experience of your team.


ESi-Q Surveys Your Employees for:


Identify team members who are at-risk to go work for a competitor.


Identify areas of opportunity to improve retention with your team.

Willingness to Recommend

Will your team recommend your sales, service, and employment experience?


Satisfaction with Leadership

Understand the perception of your leaders' performance so they can lead productive teams.

ESi-Q & Quantum5

How can ESi-Q and Quantum5 help your dealership?

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Employee Surveys

Gain insights to reduce turnover, gain competitive advantage, and increase engagement.

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Retention Solutions

Implement policies and solutions to improve retention, productivity and profitability.

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Culture Transformation

Transform your workplace culture for digital retailing and higher performance.

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Leadership Development

Help managers reach their highest potential, so they can lead high performing teams.


Employees are the heartbeat of your dealership.

At ESi-Q, we create surveys with a clear goal in mind, specific to your dealership and needs. Our surveys are simple to implement in your store with an automated process and results are delivered within a few business days. As a company, we work to develop a customer-focused culture that is dedicated to exceptional service quality to help your dealership reach its goals.


Our Services

ESi-Q is the provider of the NADA Workforce Study and has conducted over 100,000 surveys for car, truck and motorsports dealers across North America.

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Below is a list of our survey research, people analytics, training, and coaching services to help you.

  • NPS Pulse Surveys
  • Employee Opinion Surveys
  • Culture Assessment
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Retention Solutions
  • 7 Drivers of Retention

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Employees are the Heart and Soul of Your Dealership.

Let our team of trusted industry professionals help you engage your employees to reduce turnover, improve retention and increase productivity.