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26 Years Experience

Since 1996 ESi-Q has conducted over 11,000 employee engagement studies for car, truck, and motorsports dealers across the U.S.

6 HCM Services Offered

ESi-Q offers a broad range of survey research, people analytics, training, and coaching services to help you.


ESi-Q + Quantum5 Can Help Your Dealership with...

  • Employee Surveys

    Employee Surveys

    Gain insights to reduce turnover, gain competitive advantage, increase engagement.

  • Retention Solutions

    Retention Solutions

    Implement policies and solutions to improve retention, productivity and profitability.

  • Culture Transformation

    Culture Transformation

    Transform your workplace culture for Digital Retailing and higher performance.

  • Leadership Development

    Leadership Development

    Help managers reach their highest potential, so they can lead high performing teams.


Who We Are


ESi-Q is a research, consulting and training company totally focused on employee retention and engagement in automotive sales and service. We are the leading provider of employee engagement surveys, workforce studies, retention strategies, and HCM best practices in automotive retail.

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What We Do


Since 1996 ESi-Q has conducted over 11,000 employee engagement studies for car, truck and motorsports dealers across the U.S. For the last decade, we have conducted dealership workforce studies, collecting millions of payroll records to track compensation, turnover, retention, and trends in workforce demographics. This wealth of data makes ESi-Q your best source for automotive HCM norms and benchmarks.

Below is a list of our survey research, people analytics, training and coaching services to help you ….

  • Pulse Surveys

  • Employee Opinion Surveys

  • Digital Transformation

  • Culture Assessment

  • Leadership Development

  • Retention Solutions

  • 7 Drivers of Retention


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Employees are the Heart and Soul of Your Dealership.

Let our team of trusted industry professionals help you engage your employees to reduce turnover, improve retention and increase productivity.

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