We live for creating genuine, engaging automotive buying experiences.

At Quantum5, we believe it’s possible to transform the way people learn in the automotive industry. Our focus is on building lifetime value relationships that increase both customer loyalty and culture engagement in employees; resulting in higher retention and higher profits. 


Everything we do is rooted in our values.

Whether it’s within our own team dynamic or working closely with teams to refine theirs, we believe value alignment is an absolute in shaping any and all of our experiences. 

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We see problems as opportunities to be open, honest, and transparent in how we communicate. 

  • check icon Candid communication
  • check icon Transparency
  • check icon Run towards problems, not away
  • check icon Honesty
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We are grateful and honored for the opportunity to make an impact on an industry we love.

  • check icon Grateful to transform an industry
  • check icon Grateful to transform how people learn
  • check icon Grateful to help people have advocacy over their income
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We stand by our “for you” culture. We support by delivering on our promises and upholding our values.

  • check icon Demonstrate trust in how we talk about our clients
  • check icon Ability to do the right thing
  • check icon Trust lies in what people see us do and don't see us do
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We believe in personal growth and seek it out as a part of who we are. 

  • check icon Learn by having fun, working with others, solving problems
  • check icon We provide learning so others can be their best
  • check icon Personal growth is part of who we are
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We encourage creativity, play and entertainment in everything we do to create fun learning.

  • check icon Draw energy and creativity
  • check icon Clients will combine learning and smiles
  • check icon Use fun to make learning more how people live life
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Our team will always own the accomplishment of results.

  • check icon We live in a world of sprints and constant adjustment
  • check icon We will embrace the world of training being measured
  • check icon Our greatest ability of trust is the ability to achieve results

Keep your team ready and make the Quantum5 leap.

We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to training. It has to adapt to people, markets and culture in an entertaining way. Our snackable content, measurable results and community support give our learners the opportunity to improve performance results and increase profitability opportunities over time.