Today’s customer wants transparency, timeliness, and information. Can your sales staff deliver these elements while reducing friction and creating lifetime value?

Our Customer Impact

Real measurement data to show our impact on your bottom line!

After recently completing training with Quantum⁵, the regional fixed ops manager of a large public automotive group shared these results...

Data results

"They just talk to human beings like human beings."

Our dealership empowered staff to approach sales organically, discarding a rigid process in favor of having a conversation with the customer and addressing the question or shopping step on the consumer's mind at the time.

"We just roll with them," General Manager Brian Kramer said.

"Rather than use word tracks, Quantum⁵ teaches people how to think and use the psychology of selling. Their training helps our people identify how to work best with people."

- Brian Kramer, Germain Automotive Partnership

Drive results to your business by empowering your team.

Let our team of trusted industry professionals show you how to increase your numbers, streamline your customers buying experience and build a value-first sales team in the process.

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 Frictionless Sales

In Frictionless Sales, we help learners:

  • Understand their customers buying style and needs

  • Apply value-building techniques to uncover their true motivators

  • Adapt to building lifetime value relationships for long-term customer referrals

Are you ready to learn frictionless selling?


Quantum⁵ provides a new framework for training in a sustainable way:

  • Modern skills development for sales and service

  • Teaches how to build long-term value, trust, and credibility in new ways

  • Developed and customized for the learner, based on each individual's learning style

  • Technology-based with gamification to keep learners engaged

  • The only training with real accountability