Our Team

Quantum⁵ is a diverse group. The leadership team has over 100 years of direct automotive experience and even more at the development of sales skills across the globe. The group is grounded in two key areas: sales and advocacy.

The combination of automotive experience, sales skills, adult learning methodology, and AI technology is the most unique blend in the industry.




Dave O’Brien

Coach, Leader, Entrepreneur, Student of Sales and Psychology

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Husband • father to three sons and one daughter-in-law • Papa to grandson Kayden and granddaughter Lily

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Amateur BBQ smoker • Dad to two dogs • Reading by the lake • Faith-driven • Golf that doesn’t embarrass me • Outdoor dinners with family and friends (perhaps with a spot of scotch) make my day!

MY WHY: Dealers deserve better • From my Dad to my sons, this business has been incredible to my family


Ken Herfurth

Entrepreneur, Visionary, Friend, Designer

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Dad to one son and adopted Uncle to many • Trusted friend and teammate • Recovering engineer

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Basketball player (not watcher) • Road biker • University of Georgia football fan • Hanging out with good friends • Golf • Giving without anyone knowing • Faith-driven • Lego and model building

MY WHY: People are unique and wonderful • Building genuine and meaningful relationships • Building the new ‘status quo’ • Technology and data being used to build people instead of exploiting them


Ken Anderson

Father, Technologist, Traveler

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Husband • father to two teenage boys

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Traveling with Family • Flying • Downhill Skiing • Scuba Diving • Relaxing with a good book • Wine

MY WHY: I love building technology with purpose • Family is what drives me


Joe Kacala

Car Guy, Technologist, Leader, Collaborator

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Husband and best friend to Pam • Father to two sons • Leader of the pack to 8 dogs

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Dog rescuer • Car enthusiast • Music lover • Watch collector • Fixer of all things • Restoring our 1800s farmhouse

MY WHY: My family • Saving dogs • Serving the auto industry


Sarah Vantine

Leader, Writer, Student, Driver 

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Wife, Mother • Caretaker to many 4-legged critters • 2018 Automotive News 40 Under 40 in Retail Automotive

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Adventures with my family • avid equestrian • southern cooking Queen • sci-fi nerd • sketching and drawing • antiquities, reading and learning

MY WHY: Helping others realize their potential and building the best version of themselves • mentoring others • showing my children that they can do anything they put their mind to


Dave Foy

Leader, Creative Thinker, Coach, Champion for Success

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Dad • Grand Dad • Husband

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Golf and love of landscaping inherited from my Dad • time by the ocean • Neuroscience • Eclectic Coffee Shops • Learning new things • Being open to every experience as a positive force in my life

MY WHY: For automotive: To leave the automotive industry better than I found it. For the rest of life: To ensure that every child that wants to participate in sports will never be denied because of lack of finances


Kelli Binnings

Brand Psychology Nerd, Entrepreneur, Photographer

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Curious learner • Psychology obsessed designer  • Creative leader

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Concert photographer and rock music fan • Self-improvement specialist • Non-fiction reader • Netflix binger • Traveler

MY WHY: Creating something that people believe in

Blair King

Blair King

Creative Thinker, Collaborator, Strategist

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Proud aunt to 5 & dog mom to 1 (Charlie) • 10+ years of SaaS automotive experience

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Interior design • Live music • Beach • Sports • Movie/TV binge (send your recs) • Friends & family

MY WHY: Helping dealers learn about amazing products that better their every day!


Mairi Olvera

Leader, Collaborator, Life-long learner

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Proud daughter, sister, aunt, and friend to many wonderful people, pets and plants

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Traveling • Time with friends and family • Discovering great places to eat • Making people laugh (or trying to) • Learning another language • Practicing yoga

MY WHY: Helping others


Deborah Wheeler

Mother, Grandmother, Bean Counter, Advocate and Mentor, Life-Long Learner

Proud mom, grandmother, sister, and aunt in an amazing family

Faith-driven • Lover of outdoors • Backpacking, camping, kayaking, golfing, and anything in-between Trivia Wednesday with good friends • Current project, refurbishing my antique sewing machines

MY WHY: To act as an instrument of positive change for my family, work, and community.




Lora Anderson

Educator, Collaborator, Life-long Student

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Wife • Mom to two teenage boys

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Travel • Spending time with family & friends • Reading • Tennis • Yoga • Knitting & crocheting • Hiking/walking • Playing double seconds in a steel pan band

MY WHY: Figuring out how to present content in a way that ignites the spark is a puzzle I will never quit attempting to solve


Veronica Carr

Mother, Advocate, Passionate, Driven

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Proud Wife and Mother of 2 boys (Falcon and Case)

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Dog mom to Jasper • TV/Music lover • Entertaining friends and family • Bettering myself

MY WHY: My Family • Bridging the gap between dealers and their customers • Delivering a new way to sell


Grady Flowers

Coach, Leader, Speaker, Entrepreneur

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Husband • father to Krista and Matthew • Poppy to Julian, London, Natalie, and Everleigh

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Dog Dad to Cooper  • Ministry • Sunday afternoon Football • Shooting handguns

MY WHY: Dealers and customers deserve better • Passionate about positively impacting others and their experience in the auto industry

QUA_Heads_Leah_500x544 (2)

Leah Hamilton

Student of Life, Meaningful Connector, Helper, Process Geek

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Daughter • Sister • Auntie • Devoted Friend

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Digging in the dirt • Dancing like nobody’s watching at live concerts • Preparing delicious food • Sharing great bourbon with great friends • Getting lost to discover new places • Folding fitted sheets 

MY WHY: Elevating others to be their best version of themselves • Bringing a sense of pride to my family • Following my true north • Sharing love during our short time on this beautiful rock


Jordan Lewandowski

Creative Producer, Screenwriter, Life-long learner

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Proud Dog daddy • Hiker • Author and lover of all things sweet and delicious

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Hiking with my partner and our two fox hounds • Rave DJ • Dancing • Coaching High School Football • Occult Studies

MY WHY: To help create a more empathetic and compassionate workplace by creating HEART-centric content


David Miller

Leader, Listener, Athlete, Lifelong Learner, Outside-the-Box Thinker

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Husband Father to my son, daughter, son-in-law, and yellow lab

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Fitness/Triathlons Family time on Block Island Big wave boogieboarding • Dance lessons with my wife Giving back

MY WHY: To make a positive, sustainable difference in people's lives • To make the world a better place


Brendan O’Brien

Coach, Advocate, Father, Student of Life and Sales

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Closed my High School Sweetheart and Married for 5 years • father to one son and one daughter • big brother to two incredible brothers 

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Amateur BBQ smoker  • Dad to two dogs • Avid Arsenal Supporter • Golfing with my family •  Hiking • Enjoying local craft food and beverages with my family

MY WHY: My Family • My Customers 


Sean O’Brien

Loyal, Team Player, Sports Fan, Advocate

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Dog Dad and Aspiring Plant Dad • The Fun Uncle

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Sports - specifically soccer and baseball • Working out and building healthy habits • Giant breed dogs • Helping others.

MY WHY: Proving that sales people can be successful by putting the customer first.


Phil Wussow

Father, Friend, Technical Advocate, Developer

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Husband & Father • Curious Learner • Making people laugh

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Adventurer • PC & Mobile Gamer • Motocross • Hiking • Traveling • YouTube Binge watching • Extreme sports

MY WHY: Family • Helping others to be successful • Helping people and technology work together • Leaving everything better than I found it


Advisory Board


Brian Kramer

Obsessed with Automotive Digital Transformation

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Husband • Father to two daughters and a bulldog

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Family Travel Excursions • I’ve got 99 problems, but a beach ain’t one!

MY WHY: Making a positive difference to change the way the world buys automobiles, and make the auto industry better for those coming behind me


Nancy Martini

Entrepreneur, Board Member, Advisor, Coach

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Amazing husband, 5 kids and step kids • 4 incredible grandkids • Past CEO of Predictive Index • Author of two books • MEd in Psychological Studies

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Walking, Hiking, Biking • Beach Time in FL and Cape Cod • Painting watercolors; Cooking, baking, sewing, decorating • ExtensiveTravel

MY WHY: Helping the Leadership Team at Quantum realize their vision • Increasing results as an active Board Member • Providing candid and impactful input to help Quantum and their clients succeed


Susan Landgraf

Challenger, Advisor, Coach

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Proud mother and coach of three outstanding canines • Gadget guru (though in denial): e-learning, edge technology, mobile devices, and cars that go “zoom” are my virtual playgrounds

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Simple … I’ll take and make the future now please • Anything forward or future thinking

MY WHY: To see people able to reach their full potential