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We are a unique blend of coaches, developers, storytellers, gamers, writers, designers, and experienced automotive leaders. Get to know our team below. 


Our Leadership

Dave O'Brien

Coach, Leader, Entrepreneur, Student of Sales and Psychology

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Husband • father to three sons and one daughter-in-law • Papa to grandson Kayden and granddaughter Lily

MY WHY: Dealers deserve better • From my Dad to my sons, this industry has been incredible to my family

Ken Herfurth

Entrepreneur, Visionary, Friend, Designer

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Dad to one son and adopted Uncle to many • Trusted friend and teammate • Recovering engineer

MY WHY: People are unique and wonderful • Building genuine and meaningful relationships • Building the new ‘status quo’ • Technology and data being used to build people instead of exploiting them

Tony Gomez

Servant Leader, Patriot, Mentor, Mentee, Teacher, Student and Patriarch

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: USMC Veteran • Being my mother's son • Celebrating over 40 years with my high school sweetheart • Proud father of 3 and grandfather of 6

MY WHY: Striving to improve the quality of life for people - personally and professionally • My why is to provide exceptional life experiences and lasting memories for my family.

Ken Anderson

Father, Technologist, Traveler


PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Husband • father to two teenage boys

MY WHY: I love building technology with purpose • Family is what drives me

Sarah Vantine

Leader, Writer, Student, Driver 

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Wife, Mother • Caretaker to many 4-legged critters • 2018 Automotive News 40 Under 40 in Retail Automotive

MY WHY: Helping others realize their potential and building the best version of themselves • mentoring others • showing my children that they can do anything they put their mind to

Kelli Binnings

Brand Psychology Nerd, Entrepreneur, Photographer

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Curious learner • Psychology obsessed designer  • Creative leader

MY WHY: Creating something that people believe in

Steve Calcagno

Father, Husband, Traveler, Beach Bum, Sports Lover

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Proud father of two amazing and very active kids (Kylie and Dylan) and husband • Successful career contributions

MY WHY: My family and to help companies grow through financial diligence and guidance.

David Farabaugh

Student, Teacher, Adventure Seeker

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Proud husband, father to an amazing young boy, recovering perfectionist working toward a wholehearted life.

MY WHY: I want to help people understand that whether you’re buying or selling, we all deserve better experiences. When price is your only differentiator, profit and experience will both struggle. However, when value exceeds price, profit and experience will both flourish.

Leah Hamilton

Student of Life, Meaningful Connector, Helper, Process Geek

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Daughter • Sister • Auntie • Devoted Friend

MY WHY: Elevating others to be their best version of themselves • Bringing a sense of pride to my family • Following my true north • Sharing love during our short time on this beautiful rock

Blair King

Creative Thinker, Collaborator, Strategist

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Proud aunt to 5 & dog mom to 1 (Charlie) • 10+ years of SaaS automotive experience

MY WHY: Helping dealers learn about amazing products that better their every day!

Sean O'Brien

Loyal, Team Player, Sports Fan, Advocate

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Dog Dad and Aspiring Plant Dad • The Fun Uncle

MY WHY: Proving that sales people can be successful by putting the customer first.

Brendan O'Brien

Coach, Advocate, Father, Student of Life and Sales

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Closed my High School Sweetheart and Married for 5 years • father to one son and one daughter • big brother to two incredible brothers 

MY WHY: My Family • My Customers 

Mairi Olvera

Leader, Collaborator, Life-long learner

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Proud daughter, sister, aunt, and friend to many wonderful people, pets and plants

MY WHY: Helping others

Nicole Rosas

Collaborator, Pragmatist, Globetrotter 

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Proud mom of my 2 boys, Dominick & Benjamin, and rescue fur-baby, Rocky • Avid traveler and discoverer of beautifully diverse destinations across the globe

MY WHY: My tribe - family, close friends, & work family

Scott Turner

Coach, Facilitator, Strategic Partner


PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Husband Brother Favorite uncle. • Fluent in Spanish Pretty good at tennis and golf, better at watching movies and listening to music On my 20th first year in the car business


MY WHY: Making positive change simple and sustainable We’re all a work in progress, let’s work on it together!

Our Team

Lora Anderson

Educator, Collaborator, Life-long Student

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Wife • Mom to two teenage boys

MY WHY: Figuring out how to present content in a way that ignites the spark is a puzzle I will never quit attempting to solve

Brandon Brundridge

Father, Leader, Enthusiast, Student, Dedicated


PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Father to my son. 20 plus years in the Automotive industry and using what I've learned from each experience to help coach and motivate others.


MY WHY: I strive to be an exceptional Father, Provider, and Role Model. I want to give my Children and others the tools to be successful in life, personally and professionally.  

Tim Cain

Family Man, Car Enthusiast, Motocross Fan, Animal Lover


PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: 30+ years in retail sales. Married to the woman of my dreams. Proud father to 3 daughters, two stepchildren, grandfather to 2 grandsons, and proud dog dad.


MY WHY: Building relationships that last a lifetime. Striving to be the best person I can be.

Chelsea Camarata

Creator, Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Curious Thinker

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Pursuing my passions while being a wife, mom, and small business owner

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Cycling • Snowboarding • Sailing • Traveling • Anything outside


MY WHY: My family, friends, and community

Veronica Carr

Mother, Advocate, Passionate, Driven

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Proud Wife and Mother of 2 boys (Falcon and Case)

MY WHY: My Family • Bridging the gap between dealers and their customers • Delivering a new way to sell

Lexi Clark

Momma, Crafter, Traveler


I am a momma to a beautiful baby girl & two fur babies. My hobbies include crafting with my cricut and going to the beach with my husband & daughter, shes such a water baby. We love traveling & hope to go many more places once baby gets a bit older!

Caleb Enright

Creator, Technologist, Active, Traveler

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Student of the Internet • Story-driven content creator


OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Doing things I’ve never done before • Builder • Film enthusiast • YouTube binger • Avid Ultimate Frisbee player • Seinfeld enthusiast


MY WHY: Telling meaningful stories through media and content • My future family

Stephanie Gomez

Entrepreneur, Hot Sauce Connoisseur, Faith and Family above all.



Proud mom! Dog rescuer! Starting, operating and growing a successful business. Serving my church family. Taco Tuesday aficionado.



A lover of people with a passion to connect and help! Share my gifts and grow from my mistakes. Familia por vida!

Lindsey Halik

Passionate connector. Curious. Advocate. Expressive.



Wife. Mother. Daughter. Caretaker of many furry critters of various sizes.



I’m passionate about the automotive industry and building relationships. I believe that creating a better experience for all is a life skill. I love being a part of something extraordinary.

Kevin Harvey

Husband, Parent, Pit Master, MCU fan


PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS – 20+ years of professional experience leading and tackling challenging business scenarios, primarily with major OEM automotive brands. A proud father of three who indulges in sports loves cigars, and plays bogey golf.


MY WHY: My Why is to selflessly help others positively impact the world while cultivating meaningful relationships and supporting those relationships in achieving their full potential.

Jean Ings

Writer, Creative, Silly Goose


PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Screenwriter, director, filmmaker


OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Writing, Filming, Playing Dungeons and Dragons, Hiking, Video Games


MY WHY: Inspire creativity in others

Kathleen Kimber

Creative, Strategist, Trainer, Student of Life

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Proud mom (Paige & Finnegan) Aunt • Pet mom

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Reading TV/Movies Harry Potter & Star Wars Acting & Directing New recipes & bread-making Trips to Maine

MY WHY: Family Friends • Laughter • Learning Making a positive impact

Jordan Lewandowski

Creative Producer, Screenwriter, Life-long learner


PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Proud Dog daddy • Hiker • Author and lover of all things sweet and delicious

MY WHY: To help create a more empathetic and compassionate workplace by creating HEART-centric content

Chloe Lowe

Collaborator, Lifelong Learner, Super Connector

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Wife, Mother, Sister 10+ years in client advocacy


OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Hobby farming Taking the scenic route (scooter pootin’) Binge watching shows/docuseries Nurturing self-growth Listening to good music Hosting/entertaining Foodie


MY WHY: Passionate about cultivating a people-centric work environment and sales/service approach that can breed success Facilitate this model in any way I can

Amanda Moore

Resilient. Collaborative. Artistic. Passionate.



Proud wife. Blessed mother of 5. Lover of traveling, cooking, and coffee. Wordle expert.



My husband and kids. Helping others to achieve and exceed their goals in an ever-evolving business climate.

Luis Reyes

Father, Thinker, Reader, Life-Long Learner



Experiencing Fatherhood. Helping Others. Mentoring. Perpetual Self-Improvement.



Becoming the best version of myself to create a better world for my family, my community, and the generations to come.

Cheri Stephens

Problem Solver, Out of the Box Thinker, Maverick, Auto Industry Spark Plug


PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Devoted wife • Mom to two teens • Friend to all


OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Jack of all trades • Curious by nature • History, Science, Theology buff • Being in awe of the world around us • Encouraging everyone I meet • Faith-driven

MY WHY: Passionate about breaking unhealthy and unproductive patterns of thinking by helping people believe in possibilities.

Will Stephens

Creative, Driver, Gamer

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Husband Dad to Two Lover of Pets

OUTSIDE PASSIONS: Playing, Creating and Prototyping Board and Video games Movies/Shows Quality time with loved ones

MY WHY: To change the way people learn and grow through fun and engaging interactions

Phil Wussow

Father, Friend, Technical Advocate, Developer

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Husband & Father • Curious Learner • Making people laugh

MY WHY: Family • Helping others to be successful • Helping people and technology work together • Leaving everything better than I found it

Extended Family

Gaia Cooper

Writer, Creative, Whimsy Enthusiast

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Renaissance Man, Latte artist, Hawaiian shirt collector 

MY WHY: Subverting expectations through kindness and passion

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