It’s simple really. We are here for you.

From how we train, to how we support, to how we use technology, everything is about being for the dealership, the salesperson, the service advisor and the manager.

Our mission is to create genuine automotive buying experiences through social advocacy learning that empowers sales and service teams to build lifetime value relationships.


Our core values are what get us there. Whether it’s within our own team dynamic or working closely with teams to refine theirs, we believe value alignment is an absolute based on the following six principles:



We practice candid, transparent communication as a team and with our clients. Our candor helps us run towards problems inside Quantum5 and with our clients. We remember that other companies will avoid candor and problems and we will lean into both of them.


We demonstrate gratitude in all we do with our teammates, partners and clients. Our gratitude extends to our opportunity to transform an industry, how people inside the industry learn and how we help people have advocacy over their income. Our gratitude is also focused on where our gifts to serve others comes from and that we are blessed to have the opportunity to use those gifts.


We will give it and not require it be earned first. Our team will be known as being “for” the people we work with. We will be great stewards of data both ours and that of the clients and people in our community. We will demonstrate trust in how we talk about our clients and in our ability to do what is right in all situations. Our trust will be visible in what people never see us do as much as in the things they do see.


We work to transform learning into a social advocacy community. Our goals is that people are able to learn the way they live – by having fun, by playing, by working with others, by solving problems and facing challenges. We believe in the possibility of others and provide learning so that they can be their best. Our learning focus extends to ourselves – we believe in personal growth and seek it as a part of who we are and not an event.


We will draw energy and creativity from the ability to play and laugh. Our work for our clients will bring learning and smiles. We will use fun to make learning more how people live life. We will use fun part of our teams so that our community is surrounded by it.


Our team will own the accomplishment of results. We live in a world of sprints and the rigor of constant adjustment and learning – all to achieve results for our community. We live in a world where training avoids being measured and we will embrace it. Our greatest demonstration of trust is the ability to achieve results.

Drive results to your business by empowering your team.

Let our team of trusted industry professionals show you how to increase your numbers, streamline your customers buying experience and build a value-first sales team in the process.

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