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Quantum5 Trends Report: Retention

Powered by ESi-Q Data

Quantum5 is hosted our first-ever learning session, powered by ESi-Q data, around the critical topic: employee retention. Sign up to watch some of the industry's top experts!

On average, dealers have approximately 70 employees. Once a team member achieves 3+ years with your company, the data shows that you experience a $775/month per employee increase in gross profit. That translates into an additional $650k annual gross per year just by retaining your team. 

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Ted Kraybill

Ted Kraybill is the President of ESi-Q with Quantum5, founding the company ESI Trends over 26 years ago before partnering with Quantum5. comes with over 30+ years in the automotive industry and is a seasoned executive and management consultant in human capital management and strategic planning, with a focus on talent retention strategies and employment branding.

Dave Foy

Dave Foy is the Vice President of Operations with Quantum5. He has been in the automotive service department for 33 years. He started in the Ford ASSET program and has held many positions in Fixed Ops. Dave is the creator of the Fixed Ops Masterminds group & podcast which he has grown to have over 20,000 downloads and has been listed in the top 100 Apple Podcasts for business.

Ed Roberts

Ed Roberts is the Chief Operations Officer at Bozard Ford-Lincoln and his been with the company for 10+ years. Roberts has been in the auto industry for 20+ years, holding many positions from Service Manager, to his current position as COO. Bozard Ford-Lincoln holds a 97% retention rate and are named 1 of the top 100 dealers to work for.

Jeff Daniel

Jeff Daniel is the Service Director at Maple Hill Auto Group and has been with the company for over 6 years. Jeff has over 27 years of automotive industry experience, holding a variety of positions in many different dealerships. and specializing in customer satisfaction & staff development.

Cathy Palochko

Cathy Palochko is the Vice President of Global Automotive for GP Strategies and has been with the company for over 15 years, holding many positions prior to her current role. Cathy has been a part of the automotive industry for over 20 years and is passionate about helping companies and people realize their full potential.

Scott McCormack

Scott McCormack is the VP Southeast Asia & India Automotive Lead for GP Strategies. Scott has been in the industry for over 30 years and has held a variety of positions while working globally. He is passionate about helping clients achieve workforce transformation through managed learning services and leadership & technical solutions.

lawrie martin
Lawrie Martin

Lawrie Martin is the Asia Pacific Business Development Director of GP Strategies. Lawrie has been in the industry for over 25 years and has held a variety of positions, primarily focused in Fixed Ops while working globally.