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Quantum⁵ and InteractiveTel Announce Strategic Partnership

Quantum5, a leading training company that brings people and technology together for sustained learning and higher profits, announced today the partnership with InteractiveTel, a leading provider in call tracking and communications solutions. The combination of these two companies will result in best



Scottsdale, AZ– June 14, 2022

Quantum⁵, a leading training company that brings people and technology together for sustained learning and higher profits, announced today the completion of a strategic partnership with InteractiveTel, a leading provider in cloud-based customer experience analytics, call tracking, and communications solutions. The combination of these two companies partnering will result in best-in-class customer experience skills training based on real-life scenarios in the dealership.



Under the terms of the strategic partnership for mutual customers, InteractiveTel will provide Quantum⁵ access to all customer experience data coming in or out of their TotalCX platform. In turn, Quantum⁵ will use those real-life conversations to build out powerful phone skills training and scenarios. Quantum⁵ began its intense focus on phone skills late last year with its acquisition of a leading coaching and training platform in November 2021. The partnership with InteractiveTel is a result of last year’s acquisition and allows Quantum⁵ to better serve its customers with elite phone training.

“InteractiveTel has their finger on the pulse of the customer experience. Their commitment to enhancing customer’s interactions falls neatly in line with Quantum⁵‘s mission to ditch the scripts and bring the human perspective back to vehicle sales and service,” said David O’Brien, CEO and Co-Founder of Quantum⁵. “I have known InteractiveTel and its founders for several years and through this strategic partnership, we will be able to create real-life scenarios based on the rich data coming through the TotalCX platform and use it to better the outcomes for our teams, our businesses, and our industry as a whole.”

The TotalCX platform combines the best of AI with a comprehensive customer experience-focused offering that meets businesses where they are in their technological path, resulting in the delivery of critical data around customer’s perception as a result of their interactions. With the data from TotalCX, the Quantum⁵ team is now able to help clients achieve appointment rates above 50% and show ratios of over 90% consistently.

 “By combining Quantum⁵’s top notch training programs, alongside the rich stream of customer experience data coming through our TotalCX platform, our customers will now have unparalleled access to learning opportunities that are happening in real-time at the dealership,” said Gary Graves, CEO of InteractiveTel. “We look forward to collaborating further with Quantum⁵ as our two companies help take dealership sales, service, and profits to the next level.”

For more information on the strategic partnership with InteractiveTel and how Quantum⁵ will incorporate their rich base of customer experience data into their top-notch phone skills training, please visit


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About Quantum⁵

Quantum⁵ helps sales, service, BDC, and leadership teams everywhere ditch the scripts by combining personal selling skills and technology to bring heart back to the transaction. When we treat our staff, customers, and communities as people instead of numbers, we create a strong, profit-driven culture. At Quantum⁵, we show you how to take the right people and give them the right 5 skills to cultivate the right culture. The result is a powerhouse team that helps guide the customer down the sales funnel in the way that most resonates with them; creating higher profits, increased ROs, lifetime customers, and happier, more-engaged team members. Find out more about our unique take on training at


About InteractiveTel

Founded in 2008, InteractiveTel is an innovator and leader in cloud-based customer experience analytics, call tracking and communications solutions. InteractiveTel's proprietary TotalCX Customer Experience Platform combines AI and automation technology with people power to increase sales, service and profitability for organizations of all sizes and industries. InteractiveTel's exclusive technology captures and analyzes voice and text communications in real time, automatically alerting stakeholders to accelerate decision-making that improves customer experience and business results. InteractiveTel's patented AI-driven call tracking and conversation analytics solution works with any on-premises or cloud-based phone system, including the company's award-winning Hosted PBX, enabling organizations to scale more easily and collaborate more effectively. InteractiveTel's solutions are used by more than 4,000 businesses – from startups to Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit


InteractiveTel Media Contact:

Leez May
Marketing Operations Manager

Quantum⁵ Media Contact:

Blair King
Vice President, Marketing

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