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Don't Be Like Josh: The "Perfect" Test Drive

"Expert" salesman Josh shares his 3 tips to help you conduct the "perfect" test drive. Following Josh's advice will set you apart, but NOT in a good...


Why You Should Open Up Your Inventory

Did you know that 60% of your customers are not committed to the vehicle they may have submitted an Internet lead on? Opening your inventory matters!


Don't Be Like Josh: Part 1

Meet Josh: Two-time Employee of the Month (runner-up). He's here to help you sell more cars, but telling you what NOT to do.


Swear Words of Car Selling

Are you still using those cringey old phrases in your car sales process? STOP! Instead, focus on results-focused questions & building a trusted...

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Using Pre-Appointment Questions

Want to convert more sales calls? Try using a pre-appointment question for a smoother appointment setting process.