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phone call training

Set More Phone Appointments

When working with customers on the phone, it's essential to have a plan so you can more effectively set appointments with those interested car...


Being Retail Ready

Being retail ready is more than just knowing your inventory. It's about being the on-site expert for your customers.


Using Data as a Negotiation Tool

When customers want a really high price for their trade, salespeople can use data as part of their negotiation strategy. Watch the video for more.

customer experience

Social Styles: Working with Analyticals

Analytical customers operate based on facts rather than trust. Sean explains some tips for working with an Analytical car shopper.

phone call training

BDC Phone Calls: How Many Should You Make?

As a BDC, do you know how many phone calls you should be making each day to stay productive and hit your numbers? Sarah explains in this video.

customer experience

Social Styles: Working with Amiables

It's essential to ensure that your Amiable customers are actually happy. Focus on building trust, get to know them, and work through their wants and...