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customer experience

Social Styles: Working with Expressives

Expressive customers thrive off having fun and buy off emotion and testimonials. Here are some tips for working with an Expressive car shopper.


Leveraging Your Sphere of Influence

Even when you're brand new to the car business, you already have your own customers — your sphere of influence; friends, family, neighbors, etc.


Let People Correct You

Rather than just asking simple questions, we can guess & make suggestions. This is a way to help you gain more information & learn about your car...

customer satisfaction

3 Ways to Build Value with Your Car Shoppers

When building value with your customers, remember to listen to them, connect the features & benefits of the car to their emotions, and be their...

social styles

Social Styles: Working with Drivers

When working with a Driver, remember to not waste time, be direct (they value it) and have some facts and information to back up your claims.

phone call training

How You Speak and Your Tone of Voice Matter

Your tone of voice often communicates more than the words you use. How you speak is just as important as what you say. Remember to speak clearly,...