Setting Service Expectations – What You Can Do

It's essential to set clear expectations with your service customers upfront, starting with letting them know how much time the service process could take.



1 in 4 customers have expressed that their biggest frustration with automotive service was the wait time being longer than expected. The thing that sticks out to me there is the word “expected.” Oftentimes, there's nothing we can do about availability, time, or anything out of our control. However, what we can do is inform our customers well and set clear expectations upfront by making sure they know what to expect when coming in, including 1.) how much time it's going to take, and 2.) everything else that goes along with their car’s maintenance or repairs. 

I would encourage and challenge you to reach out to the Community Management team and learn about strategies to set those expectations with your clients based on social styles. Plus, you can explore other ways to communicate effectively so they know what to expect and they're happy with their service experience.


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