Proactive vs. Reactive Vehicle Maintenance

Helping your customers understand the value of proactive vs. reactive vehicle maintenance will help you build trust and a lasting relationship.




More than 40% of shoppers in automotive service, at any time, are actually searching for reactive maintenance rather than proactive maintenance or health related items for their vehicle.  

One thing that struck me is how are we approaching proactive maintenance versus reactive with our clients? A lot of it is building trust and a relationship and helping them understand the value of proactive maintenance.  

If we can eliminate reactive maintenance, we often can save them more money, more time, more heartbreak, or inconvenience in their daily lives. So think about that with your customers and ask yourself, what are you doing to help them understand what proactive maintenance means and its value?  

Reach out to our Community Management team to talk about strategies that can help you with this or contact us to learn more today. 


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