Being Retail Ready

Being retail ready is more than just knowing your inventory. It's about being the on-site expert for your customers.



Welcome to the car business, the pinnacle of retail. I say that because this is where the most expensive and the most exciting products are bought and sold the most often and we get to be a part of that every day.  

That said, are you ready for retail every day? Being retail ready means a lot and knowing your inventory is a big part of that. This means more than just looking at your website or checking the virtual status of a vehicle in an app. You've got to walk the lot, you've got to get out there every day and be up close and personal with your product. It's not just about getting a visual confirmation for yourself, it's about being the on-site expert that your customers expect you to be. And then you get to say things like, “You know, I saw that vehicle this morning outside...let me just check its current status for you.” Or, “You know, that that was actually on our showroom floor and then it recently left for a test drive. Let's see where it's at.”  

These things make you sound smart and current when it comes to your product but they also build professional urgency. If you have to stay on top of things at the dealership every single day, imagine the bigger necessity that you'll make your customers feel for acting on that and setting appointments with you sooner rather than later. We know how critical it is to make stuff happen for yourself at the dealership every single day. If you make yourself more indispensable for your customers, your customers will make the appointment setting process easier for you.



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