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Understanding Your Customers | Introducing Martin

Introducing Martin | By asking the right questions we build trust and gain insight into needs of the buyer and help them make a decision on their terms.



In order to truly connect with your customers, we have to be able to understand them. By asking the right questions we can build trust and gain insight into the needs of the buyer and help them make a decision on their own terms. 

Let’s take Martin for example. He’s been visiting our store every Saturday for the last month. So far, he’s taken half a dozen cars on a test drive but still hasn’t been able to decide on the car he wants to buy. Three other salespeople tried to force him into moving forward, but Dan was the only person to take the time to listen to Martin’s stories from his adventures as a photographer. Dan didn’t rush Martin into a decision, but instead, he listened to the customer to understand their needs. He took the time to ask RFQs (Results Focused Questions) and discovered that Martin’s trusted advisor was unavailable on Saturdays. This gave Dan insight into why Martin was constantly kicking tires without making a purchase. 

Introducing Martin Character

At Quantum5 we help you identify a customer's personality style so that you can meet them at their level.  We can tell that Martin has amiable personality traits because he seeks the advice of a confidant to help make decisions. Customers with Amiable traits won’t move forward with people they don’t trust. That's why they keep their advisors close by when making important decisions. When Dan worked to set a future appointment with Martin and his son, who is Martin’s trusted advisor, he was able to build a relationship to create a safe environment for Martin to feel comfortable making his decision. 

When we ditch the scripts and take the time to listen to the customer, they will tell you everything you need to know to make the critical connection that leads to closing the deal. When we listen and find the opportunity to connect their motivators with your presentation, the buyer feels seen and understood. This approach builds rapport and develops long lasting relationships that will pay large dividends over time. 

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