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Dealer Spotlight | Andy Wright with Vinart Dealerships

Andy Wright, Managing Partner with Vinart Dealerships, discusses why he decided to partner with Quantum5



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Andy Wright, managing partner of Vinart Auto Group, knew he needed to bolster his team’s skills with additional training. After navigating the complexities of the COVID-era car dealership business, with much of the customer interaction happening online, sky high car prices, mostly pre-sold inventory, and unpreceded consumer demand, it was clear to Andy that now was the time to reinvest in training at his family of dealerships. With 6 locations in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, offering everything from niche high-end brands to mainstream high-volume brands, a dynamic training partner would be needed to equip his team with the skills to successfully work with such a wide array of customers. 

As a legacy automotive retailer, Vinart Auto Group tried several different companies over the years to train and educate their team on sales, customer service, etc. However, since COVID, Andy was looking for a partner who had a much more progressive, contemporary approach to automotive sales, service, and customer relations. 

Andy’s goals for partnering with a new training provider were to: 

  • Increase his dealerships’ CSI scores, 
  • Increase internet and appointment close rates, 
  • Convert at a higher percentage, and 
  • Sell more cars. 

To help support his team and reach those goals, Andy introduced Frictionless Service and Frictionless Sales from Quantum5 in July of 2022. Andy was attracted to Quantum5 because of the combination of in-person training, the mobile app which keeps people engaged long after the initial training, and the support of the Community Manager. The adaptive, personalized approach to training is exactly what Andy’s team needed to support the needs and desires of their different clientele. 

By partnering with Quantum5, Vinart Auto Group was able to introduce a concise and efficient process across its sales and service departments and increase inbound and outbound conversion rates.  


  • After initiating the Quantum5 training sustainment program, Lehigh Valley Hyundai reported that their store finished #1 in their zone, #2 in their region, and #9 in the nation for CSI in January 2023. 
  • From August – October 2022, Vinart’s Sales BDC saw a 44% increase in inbound scheduled appointments, for a total of 790 scheduled appointments, of which 534 showed up (a 48% show rate). 
  • From November – January 2023, their inbound appointments rose to 53%, with 1,321 scheduled and 907 shows (a 45% show rate). 

After seeing the success of Frictionless Sales and Frictionless Service, Andy introduced CallQ in February 2023, a call monitoring service from Quantum5 that compares and scores team call performance data. 

In acknowledging how technology and customer preferences have changed, Andy shares that “Quantum5 has the skills to educate in-store and the resources to keep content fresh and sticky when they’re not in dealerships. It’s not what happens when the trainers are in the stores, it’s what happens when they’re not and Quantum5 is equipped to be the leader in the training space.” 

Way to go Andy and team! 

Watch Andy's Testimonial HereAndy-Wright-Case-Study_Video-Thumbnail-1


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