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Dealer Testimonial | James Koser, Germain Lexus of Naples

James Koser discusses how he and his team use Quantum5's phone communication skills to help improve their appointment set rates, call consistency, & more.



Watch James' Testimonial Here

As General Sales Manager for Germain Lexus of Naples, James Koser knows how important a positive phone interaction is to help get customers in the door. “There’s only one real reason that the customer is calling...they need information. What Quantum5 does is help us to provide that information in a manner which makes the guest comfortable coming in.” Once they arrive at the dealership, James knows they will be in good hands with his team, but “the hard part is getting the guests here.” 

As part of the Germain family of dealerships, representing 20 manufacturers with 19 stores throughout Ohio, Florida, Arizona, and Michigan, Germain has had a presence in Naples, Florida since 1978. When asked why he decided to bring on a phone skills training and coaching partner, James responded, "My managers just don't have the time to facilitate this type of specialized training." 

James’ dealership was struggling with: 

  • Low appointment set rates 
  • Phone call consistency 
  • Quantitative call monitoring 
  • Team motivation and coaching 

To help support his team and improve in these areas, James’ dealership introduced phone communication skills (CallQ) from Quantum5 in March 2018 at sister store Germain Honda of Naples and he introduced it in February 2019 at his store, Germain Lexus of Naples. 


Before implementing Quantum5’s phone communication skills (CallQ), Germain Lexus of Naples’ appointment set rate was 5.2%. After working with the Quantum5 team, their appointment set rate rose dramatically to 33% (a 27.8% increase). 

Over the same period, the Quantum5 team helped Germain Honda of Naples increase their appointment set rate from 25% to 42% (a 17% increase). Germain-Testimonial-Graph-Appointment-Set-RateIMPACT: 

During this period, Germain Lexus of Naples had 950 incoming sales opportunity calls, meaning calls from prospects interested in the purchase or lease of a new or used vehicle. 950 calls at a 5.2% appointment set rate is 48 callers, 24 (at a 50% benchmark show-rate) who will likely show up and 12 (at a 50% benchmark close rate) who will likely buy. When Germain Lexus of Naples raised their appointment set rate to 33%, now they’re looking at 314 (950 calls x 33%) customers who said yes to an appointment, 157 who will likely show, and 78 who will likely buy (an 84% increase from 12). 

For Germain Honda of Naples, of the 1,847 incoming sales opportunity calls that occurred at their historical appointment set rate of 25%, they would have set 462 appointments, 231 of which would likely show, with 115 of those who would likely buy. At their new appointment set rate after working with Quantum5 of 33%, that increases their numbers to 757 people who said yes to an appointment, 379 who will likely show up, and 189 who will likely buy (a 64% increase from 115). Germain-Testimonial-Graph-Possible-Purchases-1Having worked in dealerships for over 30 years, James knows the importance of getting people in the door. “Once they get here, they get to experience our people and our store. Part of our mission is to deliver an experience that creates total customer loyalty. You could do that over the phone or email, but it doesn't become a reality until the guests arrive." 

After working with Quantum5, James recounted his excitement with how the Quantum5 team stays with them, providing reporting, coaching, and feedback consistently, and that even their veteran sales associates were impressed. Once the call framework is established, “you review each call with the same individual who has been there since the beginning. Then as you get it right, that same person is congratulating you. And when you might have missed the step, that same person is encouraging you and providing feedback as to how you can do it better the next time. You get those small little victories and that’s important. It enables people to continue to move forward.” 

With Quantum5, James’ team was able to: 

  • Leverage a consistent call framework 
  • Access call audio and coaching notes 
  • Have a consistent partner deliver valuable call feedback 
  • Have greater visibility into phone opportunities that were previously unknown

James acknowledges how transformative this new information has been for his dealership. “We know exactly what happened and we can recall it from the dashboard or email report in real time. That level of support and safety net is really invaluable. Our Client Advisors love it, and it helps us stay on top of things... it lets us know how we can get better and without that information, we would just never know.” 

Watch James' Testimonial HereJames-Koser-Testimonial-overview

(Note: James is now the General Manager of Germain Honda of Naples)

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