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At Quantum5, we understand the vital role that experience plays in shaping a successful training program. With a deep-rooted understanding of the auto industry's dynamics, we've meticulously assembled a team of highly seasoned Community Team members who bring a wealth of knowledge, gained through years of practical experience in various automotive domains. These industry veterans have honed their skills working in dealerships, repair shops, auto stores, on the vendor side, and have witnessed firsthand the rapid advancements and intricate challenges faced by automotive professionals. 

 As an automotive training company, Quantum5 operates with a clear mission in mind: to equip automotive professionals with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in a dynamic and ever-changing industry. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulously designed curriculum, which encompasses both foundational concepts and modern techniques. By combining time-tested practices with emerging technologies, we ensure that our training programs empower participants to embrace their role in the automotive industry with confidence and proficiency. 

What sets Quantum5 apart is our unwavering focus on bridging the gap between training and application, giving you practical and relevant skills that you can use today. Training is not a one-and-done experience for us, it’s a continuous relationship with our Community Team members, who are regularly available to answer questions and help guide you through real dealership situations. Our trainers combine their extensive industry know-how with a keen eye for practical application, ensuring that our training programs remain at the forefront of industry standards. 

About our Community Team: 

  • Quantum5’s Community dedicates resources to help our clients stay current with the ever-shifting needs of today’s consumers. 
  • Quantum5’s Community creates an exclusive and trusted environment where peer learning can take place free of judgment or retribution. 
  • Quantum5’s Community both welcomes and encourages open dialogue, debate and discussion around the toughest challenges your team member’s experience day in and day out. 
  • Quantum5’s Community provides and creates dedicated peer learning coaches committed to the continuous evolution of your team’s skills and core competencies. 
  • Quantum5’s Community promotes and nurtures humans committed to the cause of “being for” other humans in all aspects of life. 

With that, we’d like to highlight some of our amazing Community Team members: 

Name: Tony Gomez        
Title: COO 
Experience in a dealership/the automotive industry: 32 years in dealership roles - Sales, Floor Closer, F&I Manager, Sales Manager, General Sales Manager, General Manager, Dealer and Managing Partner, Platform President, COO. 
Experience as a trainer/in a dealer/client facing role: 41 years' experience training teams, 8 years in Marine Corps, 31 years in auto industry, 2 years in consulting for PCS-Global building high-performance teams. 


Name: Sean O’Brien 
Title: Director of Community Management 
Experience in a dealership/the automotive industry: 3 years in sales and sales BDC. I consistently achieved double digit unit sales when I was on the sales floor.   
Experience as a trainer/in a dealer/client facing role: (Almost) 2 years with Quantum5 as a Community Manager. Helping clients identify areas of growth, focusing on setting goals and building skills, and translating those skills to better performance at work. Consistently helping clients achieve better client experience, retention, and performance. I demonstrate and intricate knowledge of dealership life combined with complete proficiency in Quantum5 training material. 


Name: Kathleen Kimber 
Title: Community Architect 
Experience in a dealership/the automotive industry: I started at a 5-franchise dealership in Delaware as the Digital Director in 2013. Then worked as a Regional Trainer for Edmunds for 3 years (won Trainer of the Year in 2016). I went on to work at AutomotiveMastermind for 2+ years a Dealer Relations Manager & then finally as a Digital Operations Consultant for Shift Digital, working with Toyota’s NY & CAT Regions for 3 years. 

Name: Scott Turner 
Title: Community Architect 
Experience in a dealership/the automotive industry: 5 years in dealerships as a Sales Consultant, Business Development Manager, Finance Manager, Sales Manager, General Sales Manager, and General Manager. Worked at 3 locations, with 7 different OEMs, ranging from a family-owned single-point in a small city, to a large, national group in a major market. 
Experience as a trainer/in a dealer/client facing role: 15 years as a trainer and consultant throughout North America at Traver Technologies, AutoNation, CDK Global, and as a Variable Operations Director. I’ve been honored to work on teams that have improved the dealership experience for 1,000s of associates all over the US and Canada, as well as over 100 dealerships in Mexico. 

I believe car dealerships are some of the best places on Earth. When the right people are in the right positions, with the training and coaching they need, personalized to their individual needs, they can become some of the best teams to work on in their communities, rivaling what the best companies and brands have to offer in any other industry.  


Name: Kevin P. Harvey 
Title: Community Architect 
Experience in a dealership/the automotive industry: A seasoned business professional with over 20 years of experience in the Automotive Industry. Kevin began his career in the automotive industry in 1993 as part of the Sales and Marketing training program at Toyota Motor Sales in Torrance, CA. During his nine years at Toyota, he spent most of his time in the field organization, helping dealers maximize their business through new vehicle sales, customer satisfaction, fixed operations, and pre-owned vehicle sales. In March 2001, Kevin joined BMW of North America as the Regional Pre-owned Sales and Marketing Manager for the Northeast Regional Office, where he was the main point of contact and subject matter expert for pre-owned vehicles. He was the National Manager, Pre-Owned Business for Porsche Cars North America, Inc. for nineteen years. Kevin developed and implemented short and long-term strategies to support the company's Residual Management Strategy. He possesses skills in various areas such as product management, go-to-market strategy, digital marketing, B2B/B2C strategy, sale enablement, budget management, and cross-functional collaboration, specifically with Customer Relations, Legal, Procurement, IT, and Finance. 


Name: Cheri Stephens 
Title: Project Manager – Strategic & Major Accounts
Experience in a dealership/the automotive industry: 13 years in retail automotive. My career journey began in sales with exceptionally strong training and ongoing development from leadership. That foundation positioned me for success when I transitioned to the service department as an advisor. Within a few short years, I was promoted within the same dealer group to service management where my department consistently achieved monthly gross profit increases of 80-150%, over 20% higher retention than district, region, and national benchmarks, maintained top 15% in CSI nationally including double the average response rates and MPI rates, and secured annual awards such as best overall service department in the dealer group. As my OEM experience and career broadened, I moved into Fixed Operations Management which gave me the operational expertise I leverage when working with dealer clients today. My skillset for maximizing financial performance, identifying areas of improvement, and implementing corrective measures grew to its peak. 
Experience as a trainer/in a dealer/client facing role: I spent 4 years prior to Quantum5 in a consulting role as a Xtime Senior Performance Manager. My scope included the sole responsibility of the existing Risk & Retention department, developing tailored strategies for dealer operational improvement and presenting to executive leadership as well as providing support to all levels of department leadership to execute necessary changes, becoming highly effective at change management and driving results, and training their staff to navigate changes while instilling the confidence and skill needed to sustain what was learned. I managed large dealer groups and supported strategic accounts, which required a heightened level of automotive expertise and business acumen. 


Name: Stephanie Gomez 
Title: Community Manager 
Experience in a dealership/the automotive industry: Born and raised in the car industry. Worked at Capitol Honda for just over a year as an Administrative Assistant to the Owners/Managers, as well as becoming a Honda sales consultant. Worked as a Quality Sales Analyst for 2 years, monitoring and reporting incoming sales/service calls for the automotive industry.   
Experience as a trainer/in a dealer/client facing role: Solely owned and ran my own company for over the past 5 years, all one-on-one client faced interaction. Trained and licensed 8 other individuals and helped them start their own successful company. Worked as a beauty sales consultant for over 9 years, as well as coaching and training a team of over 200+ women in their 'social media' based business. (Coaching of my team was all done online to individuals across the country.) I was recognized and awarded many times in this role for my personal sales and my team’s growth; from winning vacations, personal invitations to visit the owners of the company, invited to coach other teams with my training techniques, etc. 


Name: Brandon Brundridge             
Title: Community Manager 
Experience in a dealership/the automotive industry: I started my almost 20-year automotive career part time with Autozone and quickly advanced into a Store Manager role. I then moved to wholesale and back counter parts with Toyota and then to Hyundai where I transitioned from parts to the service drive. I left Hyundai to work with the F&I side of the business as a Dealer Consultant in the ancillary and extended warranty product world.  
Experience as a trainer/in a dealer/client facing role: I helped grow a multi-state territory with an average of 119% over projection year-over-year. I used the knowledge I've gained through my experience to help grow customer satisfaction and retention amongst all of my clients. 


Name: Tim Cain 
Title: Community Manager 
Experience in a dealership/the automotive industry: At a young age, I was involved in racing motocross which led me to become a lot tech at Honda of Troy, one of the largest dealerships in in the United States at the time. From there, I worked my way up to sales where at one point I was top 25 motorcycle salesperson in the US. I was quickly promoted to Sales Manager where I successfully managed the dealership for 6 years. From there I got an opportunity to move into car sales with a local dealer where I worked for 4 years as a salesperson, 2 years as Assistant Manager and 3 years as Sales Manager with a 20 person sales staff. I stepped away from the car industry for approximately a year to sell health insurance and mutual funds and went back into auto sales in 2020 until 2023. I've always stayed in the top 3 of sales throughout my time at Performance CJDR in Centerville, OH. Overall, I have over 30 years in sales and management skills. 


Name: Amanda Moore 
Title: Community Manager 
Experience in a dealership/the automotive industry: I worked for Germain Toyota of Columbus for a total of 8 ½ years and held numerous roles during my employment; I started in New Car Sales. When we were contracted with Uber, I was the Leasing Manager and averaged 40+ sales per month, doing everything from front end sales to back-end paperwork. I eventually helped to run the Internet Sales Department for 3+ years, managing a team of Internet Sales Associates all while still selling an average of 16-20+ cars per month. Every year I sold cars for Toyota, not counting the Uber program, I achieved Sales Society for Toyota. 
Experience as a trainer/in a dealer/client facing role: While helping to run the Internet Sales Department at Germain Toyota, I was responsible for training new hires on Internet Processes, including but not limited to, objection handling, lead management, lead follow-up, and sales tactics via lead source. Prior to Germain Toyota, I was a trainer for Farmers Insurance, training insurance agents on Property and Casualty, Life and Health, and Securities materials, as well as selling strategies. 


Whether you're a technician seeking to kickstart your career, a seasoned sales professional aiming to expand your skill set, or an automotive dealership looking to enhance the expertise of your team, Quantum5 stands ready to be your partner on the journey towards excellence. With our experienced trainers at the helm, we offer a comprehensive and immersive training experience that sets you apart in the competitive automotive landscape. 

We recognize the importance of both staying abreast of the latest industry happenings and learning best-practices. When entrusting your training needs to Quantum5, you can rest assured that our trainers bring not just a plethora of years in the automotive industry, but also a deep passion for excellence. They are not simply instructors; they are mentors who are committed to nurturing the skills and knowledge of automotive professionals at every stage of their careers. Our trainers understand the challenges faced by service technicians, service advisors, and sales personnel, and they possess the unique ability to tailor their teaching methods to meet individual learning styles. 

Want to learn more about our trainers or our approach to training? Contact us to start the conversation today. 

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