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Meet the Team: Alora Owens

Having been in chat for the past 8 years, Alora enjoys the teamwork and family-oriented atmosphere that Quantum5 offers. Say hello to Alora!


Meet the Team: Ben Coppel

Having worked in many roles across automotive, Ben thrives when helping dealerships and their teams achieve success through customer-centric...


Meet the Team: Mairi Olvera

Quantum5's vision for building a culture of learning for its pupils is what attracted Mairi to the organization. Meet Mairi, VP of People Development.


Meet the Team: Alicia Klyn

Coming from an automotive family, Alicia worked her way through the dealership world first as a receptionist, then as a sales & service BDC and...


Meet the Team: David Farabaugh

Having spent his entire career in the auto industry, David understands the expectations of today's dealership staff.


Meet the Team: Caleb Enright

Quantum5's commitment to being people-centered & openness to new ideas is what caught Caleb's attention. Meet our talented Editor/Motion Graphics...