Meet the Team: Ben Coppel

Having worked in many roles across automotive, Ben thrives when helping dealerships and their teams achieve success through customer-centric experiences.



One of our biggest assets at Quantum5 is our team. A diverse group of experts in their respective fields, each Quantum5 team member brings their passion and creativity into everything that they do, having an immeasurable impact on all aspects of the business. We truly value and are constantly in awe of our ever-growing team of professionals. Our Meet the Team series helps highlight our wonderful team and share what makes them so special.

Meet Ben Coppel, Community Architect Ben-Coppel-3

  1. What led you to Quantum5
    I have worked for 12+ automotive brands as a consultant, coach, product specialist, and in retail. What motivated me to apply and join Quantum5 was the ability to work with great people at a growing company. My core purpose is to help dealerships, and their teams, achieve success by delivering exceptional, customer-centric experiences.

  2. What do you find most interesting about your work at Quantum5?
    The most interesting part about working with Quantum5 is the ability to cover a lot of ground outside of my existing proficiencies. I came in with a coaching and consulting background in variable ops, but the role is teaching me about how things work on the fixed ops side, along with account and project management too. I also enjoy being included and contributing to other areas of our business beyond my Community Architect role.

  3. What are you passionate about outside of work? 
    Being a GirlDad, spending time with my family and friends, cooking, beach trips, boat days, fishing, hiking, golfing, brewing beer, and taking staycations.

  4. Thinking ahead 12 months, what company related things are you most excited about?
    There are several things. I'm excited for what's on the horizon with Trivie and how that can transform our ability to produce and customize training content for our dealer partners. There is great potential for ESi-Q to help dealers better connect with, understand, and retain their team members which is so important right now in our industry. Finally, I'm excited for the unknown; in what ways will we grow, evolve, and innovate? 




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