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Meet the Team: Scott Turner

Making training more accessible & helping learners improve their skills is one thing that motivates Scott. Get to know our Director of Community...


Meet the Team: Caleb Enright

Quantum5's commitment to being people-centered & openness to new ideas is what caught Caleb's attention. Meet our talented Editor/Motion Graphics...


Meet the Team: Stephanie Gomez

Born and raised in the automotive industry, Stephanie loves being in a role where she can connect with people and build relationships.


Meet the Team: Amanda Moore

With 9 yrs. in auto sales, Amanda gained valuable insights into the challenges that dealers face. Now, she uses her experience to coach & develop her...


Meet the Team: Brandon Brundridge

With nearly 20 years in the automotive industry, primarily in fixed ops, Brandon knows a thing or two about the service drive.


Meet the Team: Kathleen Kimber

One thing that Kathleen loves about her role is the sense of community that her team is building with their clients, teammates, and our leadership!