Leveraging Your Sphere of Influence

Even when you're brand new to the car business, you already have your own customers — your sphere of influence; friends, family, neighbors, etc.



Welcome to the car business, the ultimate people business. You don't have to live at the dealership to be successful but when you are here, you gotta be doing something. 

What about when you're brand new and you don't have any of your own customers yet? Well, you do have your own customers. Everyone does, even on day one. It's called your sphere of influence: 

  • Family 
  • Friends 
  • Neighbors 
  • Former coworkers 
  • People from your church 
  • From your gym 
  • Anyone you can have a conversation with. 

You can of course use social media to spread the news about your new job and how excited you are to help people buy and service vehicles at the best place in town and you should. I'm talking about direct communication. Anyone you can have a conversation with you can call them or text them today. 

Let's make a list of those people right now. When you do make contact with them, talk to them, share your personal “why” in this new career of yours, and if you're willing to really think about what that means to you. If you talk about it with enough of the people you already know, well you never know where that conversation might lead. Find out if you can help them personally. Remember, you’re not just here to sell cars, you're here to help people buy cars. See if you can help them with sales or service or see when they might next be in the market for a vehicle. Don't forget to ask who else you can help even if it means just pointing them in the right direction. As your sphere of influence grows so will your business. 


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