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Social Styles: Working with Amiables

It's essential to ensure that your Amiable customers are actually happy. Focus on building trust, get to know them, and work through their wants and needs.



We’re continuing to talk about social styles, particularly around reviewing price or negotiating. Up now are Amiables (check out our video about Expressives here).  

The thing about Amiables is that it's a twofold approach based on your situation.  

1.) You actually have to make sure the amiable is truly happy because sometimes they'll just tell you “yes,” just to keep it moving forward. Then, they'll look for an opportunity to either slip out or they'll go through with it and be unhappy afterwards. We've all had that customer who seemed really happy but who left us a bad review; probably an amiable.  

2.) The other time you might see an amiable is if they have a third party. Think of the shopper who brings their brother, their friend, their parents, their sister, to guide them through the process. All of the sudden you wonder who's actually buying the car. You may have to identify that secondary social style but let's just assume you have just an amiable...the most important thing you can do is build trust. Take some time to get to know them, let them know you care about them, and work through what their list of wants and needs are. As you're going through it, make sure they're still happy: 

  • “Can you see yourself in this vehicle?” 
  • “Does everything look good?” 
  • “Are you confident with this purchase?” 

Just make sure that they feel comfortable raising any objections with you because they might not be. They might go home upset and disappointed, feeling like you were trying to push them through a process, or worse, you did push them through a process that they regret. 


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