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Social Styles: Working with Analyticals

Analytical customers operate based on facts rather than trust. Sean explains some tips for working with an Analytical car shopper.



Let’s talk about the social style of Analyticals. More specifically, negotiating or reviewing price with Analytical customers.  

When we think about what we know about Analyticals: 

  • They're well informed
  • They've done their research
    • Even if they're asking you questions, there's a good chance they know the answer or they found something that they want to get clarification on 

When we go into those encounters, the first thing we should do is: 

  • Be exceptionally equipped with all the information possible 
  • Know all the data and research that goes into every single part of what we're doing, whether that be trade-ins, overall pricing, financing (if we're doing that) 

What information can we share, or have ready to share, with Analyticals? One thing we have to remember about Analyticals is that they don't operate based on their trust in you or the dealership. They trust data, they trust facts, and they trust their decision making process. We need to play to that, cater to that, and we need to involve that information to help them make that decision if we want to win them over. 

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