Meet the Team: Veronica Carr

Meet Veronica Carr, Community Manager at Quantum5. When asked what she loves about her role, Veronica shared that she enjoys listening to her clients' sales calls and providing coaching and feedback to help them improve their customer service skills. Say hello to Veronica.



One of our biggest assets at Quantum5 is our team. A diverse group of experts in their respective fields, each Quantum5 team member brings their passion and creativity into everything that they do, having an immeasurable impact on all aspects of the business. We truly value and are constantly in awe of our ever-growing team of professionals. Our Meet the Team series helps highlight our wonderful team and share what makes them so special.

Meet Veronica Carr, Community Manager.

  1. What led you to Quantum5?  
    8 years ago, I began my journey in the Automotive Industry. Starting as a salesperson with no idea of how to sell a car or even how they worked. Over time, I worked my way up in the dealership hierarchy, moving from sales to service to management. I was always very passionate about onboarding new hires correctly into the dealership and providing training to help them succeed and be the best versions of themselves. After I had my second son, I took some time to stay home with my kids and that is when the opportunity presented itself to join Quantum5. I found myself very drawn to the ideals they offered, and it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. With Quantum5, I had the opportunity to reach more people and become a disrupter in the industry.  

  2. What do you find most interesting about your work at Quantum5 (products, what you do for your clients, teammates, etc.)?
    As a Community Manager it is wonderful to wake up every day and get to interact with all the community members we have across the country. In my role as a CallQ Community Manager, I get to help each member improve their call etiquette, convert more calls to appointments, while earning the trust of the customer and building value in the salesperson and dealership. I truly enjoy listening to a call salespeople have with customers and provide feedback based on a real live call that we can reference.  

  3. What are you passionate about outside of work (hobbies, fun facts)? 
    I am a mom to 2 toddler boys who are very active and keep me on my toes.  
    I will never pass down a good (or not so good) reality tv show. 
    I love plants and have a large collection around my house.  

  4. Thinking ahead 12 months, what company related things are you most excited about? 
    I am most excited to see our team grow and have even more of an impact around the nation. It is exciting to know where we were when I first started working for the company and compare it to how fast we are growing and adapting now. I also can’t wait to see how the Q5 APP changes over the next 12 months!



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