Let People Correct You

Rather than just asking simple questions, we can guess & make suggestions. This is a way to help you gain more information & learn about your car shoppers.



We’ve all been there...Those customers who perhaps we only gained an e-mail address and we're having a hard time connecting with them, understanding their motivations, buying habits, or whatever it may be. This is typical for customers who come to us as Internet leads.  

One tactic we suggest to try to connect with them or to gain more information and get the conversation started is rather than just asking simple questions, “Why did you pick this vehicle?,” “What can I help you find?,” "What are you in the market for?,” we can actually guess. For example,  

  • “Most people who express interest in this vehicle do so because of its all-wheel drive, is that the case for you?” 
  • “Most people who express interest in this vehicle do it for its fuel efficiency, is that the case for you?”  

So instead of just asking questions, make suggestions. We find that people like to correct us and so we can throw an idea or suggestion out there and in turn, you may gain more information when people respond, “Yes, that's absolutely why,” or “No, I don't need it for its towing capacity, I need it for this...” 


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