Meet the Team: Amanda Moore

With 9 yrs. in auto sales, Amanda gained valuable insights into the challenges that dealers face. Now, she uses her experience to coach & develop her clients.



One of our biggest assets at Quantum5 is our team. A diverse group of experts in their respective fields, each Quantum5 team member brings their passion and creativity into everything that they do, having an immeasurable impact on all aspects of the business. We truly value and are constantly in awe of our ever-growing team of professionals. Our Meet the Team series helps highlight our wonderful team and share what makes them so special. 

Meet Amanda Moore, Community Manager.

1. What led you to Quantum5?    

I joined Quantum5 after spending nine years in the automotive sales industry. My experience in automotive sales allowed me to gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that auto dealers face on a daily basis. I became increasingly interested in finding ways to help dealerships improve their performance and enhance the customer experience. A friend of mine referred me to Quantum, and the rest is history! 

2. What do you find most interesting about your work at Quantum5 

What I find most interesting about my role as a Community Manager at Quantum5 is the opportunity to coach and develop dealership staff through virtual channels like Zoom, text, chat, and phone calls. Working with a collaborative team of experts in the field keeps me motivated, and building strong client relationships adds to the dynamic nature of my job. Overall, it's the combination of coaching, innovative products like CallQ, teamwork, and client interactions that make my work at Quantum5 truly engaging and rewarding.   

3. What are you passionate about outside of work?
I love music, food (both cooking and eating), and the outdoors. Combining the three is heaven for me. I’ve had some of my best times, and food, at music festivals! I also recently started working on my physical fitness, and working out is a great stress reliever for me!   

4. Thinking ahead 12 months, what company related things are you most excited about?
Over the next 12 months at Quantum5, I'm most excited about the company's potential for growth and innovation. I anticipate seeing enhancements to our app, which will empower our clients and attract new ones. I am also looking forward to being a part of the success stories of our clients, expanding our market reach, and potentially welcoming new members to our team! Additionally, I look forward to Quantum5's continued impact on the automotive industry and customer experience, and the opportunities for my own professional development within this dynamic and forward-thinking company. 




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